Throttle Cables

It looks I will need to replace my throttle cables, they are beginning to break near the carb. Has anyone replaced theirs? What did you go with, OEM or Motion Pro or something else? Any info would be appreciated.

Motion Pro T2 (terminator) cables are the best. they are wound differently and don't stretch as much over time.

I also recommend the Motion Pro T2 terminator cables! I totally trashed my stock ones the first month I had my bike (due to a endo head-over-head crash)! If I remember correctly they were $32 for both, they also look really cool because they are gray color. My throttle also is much smoother now.



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

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The cables frayed on mine by the carb. Bad alignment, and not enough lube. My fault.

I purchased a Motion Pro and one of the two cables was too long. So I used the good side of the factory with the new side of the Motion Pro.

I'm sure it was just a fluke or others on the board would have seen this.

Thanks fellas,

After some checking, I found that the OEM cables cost about $30, so I'm going to go with the Motion Pro T2 cables as you guys recommend. Sugg. retail is $31.30. Anyone have any recommended mail order place I can get these?

Ditto on the T2's. Bob's might have them. I got mine from Westwood Int'l for about $24. I always try to have an order large enough to get the most benefit from the shipping costs.

I got the T2s from for $26, and got very good service too. They also have Yamaha OEM stuff. Thanks again.

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