What parts number are these carb screws?

I need to order these screws (they hold the plate for the throttle cables on the 2001 YZ426F carb), but I can't find their parts number.

I also checked the other fiches. Who knows?


Thanks! :cheers:

try a different website that might have those screws numbered or you can go to home depot and they might be able to find you a screw that fits

Yes, I checked different sites, they alll show the same image... :cheers:

The screws are M5 ISO thread (standard Japanese), 8mm long.

Most motorcycle manufacturer's parts systems don't service them. The Keihin PN is 93500-05008-1H, and they can be ordered from Sudco (their # 021-713), but Sudco has a minimum $25 order policy.

That is great info, thanks a lot!

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