Honda's 4 stroke announcement

Has anyone confirmed rumor or fact about Honda's announcement that after 2002 Honda will only be manufacturing 4 stroke engines for all motorcycles/marine/mowers? A dealer here in the S.E. is telling customers to order 2002 Cr250/125's now or forget ever buying 2 strokes due to a "official Honda Announcement" for EPA standards. I figure you California environs would know first hand is this is true or false. Whats the poop?

I have heard they were going to faze out 2 strokes but I thought it was years to come. I would guess that dealer is trying to unload his stock. I was at a Honda shop yesterday and put a deposit on a CR450F, the dealer told me he was sending in his request for 2002 bikes in two weeks, and nothing was said about not being able to get a 2 smoke.


what is the actual retail or cost of the crf450r?

I think the "no two stoke" deal at Honda, refers to off-road motorcycles, not closed closed course MX models. Two strokes will probably be phased out eventually, but don't hold your breath.

The CRF450R is not available yet, although wildly speculative rumors fly that it will be here by midnight.

Sheesh, that's almost a repeat of what MXoldtimer said - I'll have to read these threads more carefully. :)

Looks like he's leaving blue and going red.


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Price ? They dont even have a price yet LOL

I'm buying blind,one thing I know for sure, the handlebars will bend just trying to load the bike, the chain will strech farther than the waist band in a 3 yr. old of-fruit-of-the-loams, the tire will be crap,the gearing will be to tall, the bearing/linkage will hardly be greased, & the jetting will be perfect if you live on Pluto, and the shroud bolts in the tank will probably come pre stripped LOL :-).

But let me make it perfectly clear, I wont ever bad mouth the YZ426F this bike has been nothing but good to me and I love the bike, it's just I want to try something new and I have plenty of time to come back to blue if the red isn't all it should be

Doug (color blind)

Doug, At least your prepared for a "NEW" MX bike. I was always a Honda " RED Rider" on CR125/250's until I turned about 35. I just got to tired of all the work of shifting,fanning clutches etc... Until the Yz400 came out, Yamaha was "Beat & Cheap" to me. Now I am used to the 2 gear, Roll-on throttle, less clutch is more approach to 4 stroke riding. I may be in line for the CRF450R as well, I will however, never go backwards to the 2 stroke deal --- takes tooo much effort for the same result --- This suits me perfectly. As far as colors: Blue is awesome, Red maybe awesome, Orange/Grey& Black --- BEAT!

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