2006 YZ450f stator issue?

I need some help with this one. I am having an issue on my 06 450. It will start fine and idle with no problem but starts cutting out when you accelerate. It will do it until about half throttle and then clean up. It started doing it mid moto at a race. All the jets are clean so I looked at the stator and found a mess! There is a lot of debris from the plastic stator parts? It looks all chewed up, the inside of the flywheel feels rough too? Any ideas?

I'm not sure about your mess in the stator post a pic whats it look like?? I've had an accelerator pump cause me greif once that was similar. Here is what the inside should look like.



I just had mine doing the same thing.....then lost spark. Replaced the stator and its 100%

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