AIS removal kit for the wr450f 07 - missing needle clip

I just bought the GYTR AIS removal kit for the WR450F 2007 to uncork this beast - and oh! oH! the needle clip is missing from the packet...does anyone know if the bike has a clip or if so..can that clip work for this i am so dissasapointed..anyone please advise

Yes you already have a needle clip in your carb. Re-use that stock clip.

ttr250 do you or anyone know if the stock needle is the same diameter as the needle from the GYTR AIS kit

The stock needle only one position but the clip will most likely be the same for any needle. I have the jd kit in my bike, but I am pretty sure I still use the stock clip when I change out needles a few times a year. I will have check soon as I am ready for a re-jet with the warm weather.

Originally I had the ais kit and I am pretty sure the needles are the same except the addition of more slots on the ais kit needle.

Thanks kawi380 I will proceed with the changes.

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