2010 gytr skid plate review

anybody have one? your thoughts? (the smaller one)

Yeah I have it and the protection due to it being aluminum is pretty standard. The misses IMO are that it has that stupid pain in the ars cross bar bolt thing, instead of using the stock mounting holes. Also it stops short in the front and does not come up all the way like a lightspeed one does, so dirt gets caked on the front of the cylinder.

The Devol skid plate addresses all of the "misses" Chaz listed at a pretty reasonable price. It uses the original mounting points, and extends up in front to fill the gap between the cradle tubes. That section of the plate is slotted. The side coverage is a bit minimal, but effective for all but the most severe rock riding.

The only annoying part is that it uses two small plastic spacers on the front two bolts where the factory plate has permanent extensions on the inside of the plate. The challenge is in keeping them in place while you assemble things. I stake them gently with a screwdriver bit so that they need to be threaded onto the bolts like nuts, and that holds all the parts where they belong while someone with only two hands installs it.

get the moose racing skid plate...uses the stock mounting holes and exthend all the way to the top of the y for the engine cradle

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