KTM 250 right hand drive help

Hi everybody, so I bought this KTM from a kid who was selling it from his dad about 3 years ago. Im finally digging it back out since I have time to work on it. the problem is that I dont know what year the thing is, it looks like an 80's bike and has white plastics. All I know is that its a 250cc two stroke. and it might be the EXC model. the crank bearing is shot and the cylinder is scored bad. id like to just buy a new motor for it but the chain sprocket set up is on the right. and its a left foot kick start. pretty weird I know... If anyone has any experience or information with these bikes it would greatly be appreciated. Thankyou

buy a new motor ? you got a better chance of finding 4 leaf clover ahahahhhaha

run the vin through a online decoder.

white plastics,right drive, and left kick is definitely 80's KTM. very tough to find parts now....especially in Joisey where there are relatively few dirt bikes.


if your bike is water cool then it might be around 1985 but dont quote me. hard to say without checking the vin or seeing a pic.

ive seen a few old ktm on craigslist but theyre usualy totally roached out and might not be any better than what you already have.

ive seen some of them old bikes being parted out on ebay. might try there if you need anything.

to find new parts you have to go underground and know where to look :cheers:. you wont find a complete new engine but theres still a few various parts floating around. bearings and seals could probly be sourced locally. pistons and some other parts are still available but have to come from europe.

STOP don't do it!!!! No parts aftermarket and an ignition that will fail for sure and the you will have more money in it than its worth. Go find a runner and part this one out.

if it was the 500cc version i would glady take it off your hands. i got no use for a 250 however. good luck whatever you do

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