so who makes a quite muffler for my yz 250 ?

that big rubber thing hanging off the back off that bike at the last race would look great on your yz. it would quite it down for ya....

yea i'd say, never saw such a mess, should have taken a picture.....................

double outlets on a single exhaust, who would have thought that !

dB snorkle

is that the rubber thing with 2 outlets ?

and fresh packing will quite it down if its done properly and not wrapped too tight

My new gnarly FMF pipe with a (repacked,rebuilt)turbine core silencer is really quite.

The Gnarly pipe is made of heavy metal. You don't get that 'ting ting' sound.

Fmf makes a stealth and i heard that quiets the bike down pretty good

A lot of the newer silencers aren't made for the older stuff. Bobby, what year is your bike? (can't get searchto work on my phone).

And yes, the db snorkel is that funny looking elephant trunk with two outlets. It's been proven to work pretty dang good, and can be fitted to about any bike/silencer. You can do just the end cap/slit and get pretty good sound reduction without the snorkel part, so I've been told.

who makes that db snorkel, not that i would buy it but would like to just get a better look at it.

my 92 wr has a answer isde sneaker or something like that, actual the name at the moment escapes me, my 04 just seems to be getting noisy and want it easier on the ears of others.

with out the ting ting noise i would think i was on a 4 t, and that just isn't going to happen again in this life time, tried a 250 f and thought i was going to have to shoot myself for doing something so stupid ........................ you know just sayin ! with out the ringy dingy smoke huffing out the bike its not worth ridin .......................

Bobby, you have an 04 now,, right??? If so, q stealth. Its quiet and fast. You'll love it.

yes, a couple weeks ago i was going to burn it, but now after 2 rides one being an enduro and it started without blowing out reeds and dropping plugs like flies i might just keep it now ! it basically brand new wheel to wheel, it passed a fluke sound test for the year but i would rather it be quite myself, the less noise the better chance we get to keep our riding area's, lucky for our bike club we own or land, 1800 acres, better then nothing, and nobody can tell us we can or can't do what we want there . i did look at that muffler on line, that might be the next investment since i'm not spending a ton on plugs and reeds now ...........................

I run the Turbine Core II and regularly blow in the high 80s or low 90s. I've never been close to not passing our sound test (96 dba in District 37).

mine i think was 96 or 8 at just above idle ! they just check you the first race and you get your sticker for the season, or at least that has been the way it has been.

i would rather sneak around then to be heard miles away .


Didn't realize you had an 04 too. I vote Q Stealth as well.

I have a FMF Gnarly pipe and Turbinecore II, I'm typically 91-93 dB. But when actually riding and cranking the throttle I don't feel it's all that quiet.

yeah, forgot to mention that, when you get old like me you forget things much quicker then you think ! i ordered the stealth today, hope it comes in so i can test it this weekend before the next race to make sure it does not cause any jetting problems. funny thing is want quite on the yz and bought a fmf for my wife's wr 250x so it would be louder on the street ! some days i confuse myself !


Bobby, the q stealth still sounds good, its just not irritating and the noise does not carry far. Its a very strange silencer unlike anythign I've ever tried.

well this weekend i hope to have a good report on it !

The Q-Stealth is a good match for the yz250, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

i just hope it doesn't make me wheelie over backwards in 5th !

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