2001 CR125 clutch troubleshooting

I have a 2001 CR125 that has never given me any problems and runs great but just recently I was at a track with my friend and while riding, as soon as I got into the powerband it was like hitting a wall, and the power stopped. I replaced the oil, air filter, spark plug, fresh gas, and flushed the carb out. The next day I went on a trail ride to see if the problem was fixed, and it was the same and seemed like I had the power there but it wasn't engaging. So I took out the clutch today and the basket was grooved and the friction plates were worn down beyond recognition. I hope this is the only problem and when replaced, it should be fine, but does anyone have any ideas to what would cause a problem like that. The best way I can describe it is regardless of how much gas I give it and whatever RPM its at, it still has the same force to the back wheel like something is slipping.

seriously you dont know what caused this? hours of use. PERIOD.

you need a new basket, new clutch pack and new springs. Also inspect the cable, replace it if it has not been in a while.

No I know what caused the clutch to wear down but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to what else besides the clutch could cause a problem like that. And the problem I was referring to was the lag in power at the top not the worn clutch.

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