MTA Two Stroke World Championship *spoiler inside*

This year's second annual Two Stroke World Championship was again held at Glen Helen Raceway



Jody Weisel says grab a beer while I download and edit the shots. (and if you touch his 2T he'll give you the wrench in his hand)

Oh and by the way, JW might catch flack for being a bit of a headstrong old school guy sometimes, but he was also

one of the few guys out there actually wrenching and getting dirty for his guys. Kudos to JW.


First off, no article about Glen Helen or two strokes is complete without

mentioning Feets Minert, prob. the oldest active MX racer at 80, every wk. @ Glen Helen.

Yeah that's right, races MX at 80. Here he is at Saturday's REM race. (#45)



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I hope he added a tooth to the rear and got rid of the midstroke harshness.

All I heard was something about f'ing four strokes and the rules and.......


So there was a choice, cover everyone, or, cover the top four pro's with some depth.

Since the latter was way easier and allowed more beer time, yeah.

First off, all the other people besides the top four, then we'll get to them.

Team TM





Team KTM



Some old schools and customs







more more more!!!!!

I hope he added a tooth to the rear and got rid of the midstroke harshness.

looks like the standard sprocket to me. Surprised he is not riding the 2T of the year:smirk:

To start, I'd like to acknowledge all the teams for taking the time for pics

and answering questions about Yamaha's, and other's, two strokes and their future.

All these guys were graceful enough to take the time to talk while the event was going on.

The first of the top four pro's was pretty easy to spot.



Ryan Hughes was recruited by Yamaha and GYTR to campaign a GYTR 144.


That means Trevor Kemp, Yamaha GYTR manager must be around




We spoke about how the 144 has been very popular lately and how Yamaha

is definitely staying in the two stroke business.

Also mentioned was a GYTR YZ250 kit in the 290cc range that is in development.

Running the 144 against the other 250-300cc pro's is a tall order with Glen Helen's sand, deep loam and hills,

making Ryan Hughes the perfect candidate due to his focus on fitness and endurance.

Also running was Jessica Patterson on another GYTR 144.

Some pics.

Ryan's GYTR 144




Jessica's GYTR 144 (note the '09+ YZ250F swingarm differing from Ryan's)




The next guy was just about as easy to see, especially since we accidentally

parked next to each other. I saw someone I didn't recog. unload a bike with #15 on it

and thought "that's a little strange, two #15's", it was someone with Doug. And one of the test pipes is on it.







Doug mentioned his focus on real world performance with the pipe testing

and how it's been an uphill battle to try to get people to not focus so much on WOT dyno charts.

The YZ125 pipe is done as well as the 250SX's while he's still tweaking the YZ250's seen here.

Feeling good about the race.


Pro #3 wasn't on a Yamaha this year or last, but he was last year's champion,

Bobby Garrison on the 300 with Ty Davis as the Husqvarna team manager.


Ty talked about how the new Husky two strokes will be a significant advancement over

the previous model seen here. These bikes were extremely fast, but as

he explained, they were heavily massaged running on pure C12 etc.

All the talk of two strokes going away is obviously erroneous after talking to

the Yamaha, Husqvarna and TM managers about how they're improving the technology on future bikes.



Nice report, and thanks for the pics. I want a DrD pipe and will get it, with silencer as son as they are available.

If Yamaha is talking 290cc, the yz 250 must be sticking around for a while. Interesting too that Yamaha no doubt has pallets full of works yz 250 parts, yet not a thing shows up here.

Well, a little something showed up on....

#4 is the sleeper of the bunch, and he and the bike will seem even more so after

talking about his race finish and the bike's performance.

Austin Howell was riding a Suzuki not long ago, taking a 12th at Pala during the Pro AMA outdoor season.

Sponsored by LA Sleeve and Lightspeed, they along with his ex-Yamaha factory mechanic

built up a YZ265 with custom porting and engine work days before the event.

Then after the finish it was obvious that Austin is a fast guy (18yrs. old) but this was a special bike too.



Note the '09+ YZ450F swingarm


Hmmmm, what's that microswitch behind the shift lever going to the ECU??

The only two strokes that had that for ECU control were the Chad Reed era Yamaha's.

Yup, an ex-Reed case with a 265 kit and porting by a Factory Yamaha guy......

This bike was insanely could see it just pulling on everyone.....


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ecu note

So how did the races go?

Moto 1 had Dubach with the holeshot.

Howell then pulled into a comfortable lead with Garrison alone in second and

Dubach/Hughes battling with each other.

Ryno lost the front end in one of the deep sand corners assisting Doug with the pass

which he'd hold onto through the finish.

Moto 1

1. Howell YZ265

2. Garrison CR300

3. Dubach YZ250

4. Hughes YZ144




Moto 2 began with Dubach grabbing the holeshot, but the monster 265 of Howell

along with some great riding saw him start to check out again.

Garrison again passed Dubach but had a bobble allowing Doug to contend for a possible 2nd.

The highly modified Husky 300 at the hands of Garrison was too much though and he re-took second.

Meanwhile I heard what sounded like someone in the pits with a 125 just held wide open.

I expected to turn around and see a kid blowing up his motor with a stuck throttle.

No, it was Ryno determined to catch Dubach, literally holding it wide open and pitching it into the corners.

This was because a 3-4 to Doug's potential 4-3 would leave Hughes with a podium spot.

The GYTR 144 must have been built well because it was just being rung to death by Ryno and was methodically catching Dubach.

Hughes was able to grab third by the last couple of laps and slowly pulled away to secure the last podium spot.

Moto 2

1. Howell YZ265

2. Garrison CR300

3. Hughes YZ144

4. Dubach YZ250





1. Austin Howell (Yam).........1-1

2. Bobby Garrison (Hus).......2-2

3. Ryan Hughes (Yam)..........4-3

4. Doug Dubach (Yam)..........3-4

5. Dennis Stapleton (Yam).....6-5

6. Jamie Lanza (Hus)............5-6

7. Niclas Gustavsson ....9-7

8. Willy Musgrave (Hon)........10-8

9. Ricky Yorks (Yam)..............8-10

10. Billy Musgrave (KTM).....11-9

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One of the best posts on Thumpertalk in a while. Thanks for that!

The 2011 YZ250s have that same microswitch. It signals the ECU to change the timing when the bike is in neutral. That allows them to pass a sound test (performed with the bike in neutral) a little easier.

Great pics, thanks!

Some race pics

Early lineup - Patterson, Hughes, Howell, Ty Davis in Red Jacket, Dubach at starter shack


Dubach holeshot with battle



Howell getting style points




Garrison hauling


Howell-Garrison battle with Dubach in background


Dubach smooth and fast (yellow second moto, red first moto)



Ryno airing out the GYTR 144


Hughes on the move and charging on the little 144, my favorite pic


Garrison and Hughes battling mid-air, 300 v. 144


Hughes pulling away from Dubach in Moto 2 for the podium


These guys were stoked to have the GYTR 144 on the podium with basically factory big bores


Ryno talking up the two strokes


Celebration l. to r. Hughes - Howell - Garrison


One of the best posts on Thumpertalk in a while. Thanks for that!
The 2011 YZ250s have that same microswitch. It signals the ECU to change the timing when the bike is in neutral. That allows them to pass a sound test (performed with the bike in neutral) a little easier.

Great pics, thanks!

Y2aw, and true about the switch, but on Reed's motor (this motor) they supposedly used it for additional control.

Now is that a line of magic like the secret traction control? Don't know.

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sweeeeeeet :cheers:

great write up thanks heaps!! :cheers:

I dont mean this question to be disrespectful to anyone racing, but how is it Ryan Hughes is able to put a 144 up against the 300's AND get in the top three? Is it superior riding skill, or is hp not as big of a deal in real life as the internet? It was obvious he was in amazing condition, but he had to be giving away power to the big bores.

Its a lot easier to hold a 144 wide open than a 265/300 wide open and still be in control. You can bet Ryan was going pretty hot through turns because on that bike, he could.

this rocks! we need more of this kind of thing and to be able to put it out to a bigger audience

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