Learning to ride at the track


This was both of our first times on the track ever. The kid on the ktm has owned is bike for a year and me on my KX250F it was only my second time riding a 250f. We are going to redo the track since its all rutted out and the peak of the jumps are all worn down.

Wow I wish I rode that good!

Nice riding

Youve got your own track or is it an old unused one?

yah the track is all my track. I am 15 and my dad built this track when he built his house. My dad used to race A class and as you can tell this was my first time ever on a track and only my second time on my bike (kx250f) and I already nailed the whoops and next weekend I will clear the table on video. Hopefully within 2-3 weeks I can start jumping gaps.

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