JR 50 Issues...maybe carb?

JR50 was running last year.

Over winter I put in new piston and rings.

Drained carb, tank over winter while it was stored in basement.

Took it out today and filled with fresh gas.

Kicked, kicked, kicked,kicked, kicked (swore a little) kicked, kicked, kicked, kicked, kicked, kicked, kicked (swore some more), kicked, kicked, kicked.

Then it started.

Reved up and died, kicked again, started, reved up, died, kicked, started reved up, died, kicked, started ,reved up and died.

It will start now with just one kick, rev up and die. When it doies out it just stoped firing alltogether, no matter if I toggle the throttle or not it will die, it won't idle or do anything, just starts, revs and dies. starts revs, dies, starts revs dies.

Is this a carb issue...or did my ignition system shit the bed?

they have points still.

the carb is also likely plugged up.

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