Purple YZ250!

My '06 YZ250 is back together, with the custom graphics installed, along with a lot of other trail-oriented goodies that got put on this winter.

Check it out here:


Now if this snow would just finish melting....

I am very glad that I live somewhere where it doesn't snow and I can ride year round. However, my bike sure shows it and I really wish I could get it that clean once a year.

Get your sponsor Satan :cheers: to melt the snow for you.


Your bike looks good. Kind of stands out, but looks good.

how much did the graphics cost and who did them, oh dark lord?lol what kind of skid plate is that?

Your bike looks good. Kind of stands out, but looks good.

Thanks.....I figure it'll make my ass look fast if I stand out. :cheers:

What I didn't want was a bike that looks like all the other ones out there, plastered with fake sponsor logos. Never did understand why folks would put sponsor stickers on their bike if they are not actually being sponsored. I have no problem with sponsor stickers....if they provide free product, serious discounts or other support. :ride:

Get your sponsor Satan :p to melt the snow for you.

:ride: Good suggestion, except that you need to have a soul to trade! :cheers:

Woulda looked better on white plastic I think. Not a huge fan of the AMR stuff, most are pretty corny. Although yours are pretty cool. Give the bike a clean look without the cadillac symbols or skulls, and devils and crap. I think your graphics would look awesome with this theme.


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Why is there a joystick on the left side of your bars?


That is fugly!

That is fugly!

Lol I dont think theyre that ugly but I wouldnt put em on my bike and I damn sure wouldnt pay 300 for em.:cheers:

You can get graphics along the same lines on fleabay for like $80 for the full kit from the same company.

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