Looking for a video I saw-can u help

I saw a video on here a while back of a guy in his garage warming up his bike. Its a two stroke bike and he revs it to the moon for about a minute straight. I was telling a friend about it and told him i would try to find it. i have had no luck. Can you guys picture which video I'm talking about?

is it this one


is it a suzuki? it's "after rebuild" or something.

is it this one

No its not that one. The one I'm talking about is so ridiculous and unbelieveable .........its really unreal if you have seen it. I thought the bike was a suzuki but I could have been wrong.

is it a suzuki? it's "after rebuild" or something.

I think you might be correct. I'll check that... I want to see it again so bad. I remember thinking how stupid the guy looked

yeah, he was just ragging on it in the one i'm thinking of.

said it was to "seat the rings" i think.

ya i know the one ur talkin about its the dude with the rm125 in the garage right?

Maybe this one?

haha all those videos crack me up...

there's a better one. or should i say "worse".

Nope none of these are them either. Holy crap, I have been looking for two days now and still can't find it. If i remember right, it was a guy inside his garage, maybe it was a suzuki he was on, and I is literally bouncing the motor off the rev limiter for a minute straight. Its so scary someone would do that to their motor, but at the same time-I think god put him here for all of us to enjoy.:cheers::smirk::ride::smirk::p:smirk:

thought you might like this one too

that's the one i want too.

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