Help With Swingarm!!

Hey guys I just bought a 2003 xr 70r for 100 bucks!! :cheers:But, the reason is that the rear spokes are busted on the rim and the swingarm has a lot of play in it. I took it off and it looks like the frame/swingarm bolt hole has been wallowed out. I need help figuring out what to do. Is there supposed to be a rubber gromit between the frame and the bolt? or just metal to metal? Can I cut the metal off and drill it out, then weld new ones in? also how had is it to respoke the wheel? They removed most of the spokes before I got it, but there is enough left where I can tell what the pattern is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks :ride:

Do you think I can weld in solid metal over both holes, then drill them out for the right size? Here are some pics.







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Wow, I hate to say it, but I thought the one I bought was bad. I thought about somehow fixing it because I don't like things not being right. If I had still been working for my last employer, I would have cut off the stubs on the frame and had a machinist make new pieces to weld on. I knew a guy who would do that kind of work (with precision) for about 50 bucks. If I were to do it by hand with a drill, I just knew it wouldn't be aligned correctly. In the end, I just decided it wasn't worth my time because the bike doesn't get used that much. It wasn't that bad after I actually measured the hole size. I just tightened the bolt a little bit more than the 29 ft-lbs that the manual recommends and hoped for the best. I figured that the extra clamping force ought to help keep it together. It's a pretty substantial force if you do the calculation. I also used some low strength Loctite to help keep the nut from backing off.

You might consider talking to a machine shop. Someone with a mill should be able bore a straight hole through if you get new stubs welded on.

One other thing to look out for is the swingarm where the shock attaches. The swingarm on the bike I bought was cracked there. I built some gussets, had my buddy MIG weld them on and touched it up with silver Krylon spray paint. If you didn't know any better, it looks like it came that way from the factory (which it should have).

Good luck. I feel your pain.

I think I am just gonna measure everything, cut them of and weld on some new ones. I cant think of any other solution. For 100 bucks I wont loose much if I screw it up.

Well, did you fix it? How did it go? Just curious how it turned out in case I ever decide to try something like that.

I havent gotten to it, I tore my acl in my right knee, had surgery yesterday. I will be out for a little while. I will let you guys see it when I am finished.

Dang. I hope you have a quick recovery. A busted bike is one thing. A busted knee ain't no fun.

Ok... I fixed it. The tabs stick out exactly 5/8" from the frame on both sides. I got steel locking nuts, and drilled them out to the perfect size. So I measured the thickness of the nut and marked the tabs, cut them off, and grinded them down. Then I put a similar, but shorter bolt through, the nuts and tightened it down with the beveled ends towards the frame so it would line up perfectly. With everything lined up I welded the nuts into place, a the way around and it looks and works great! Afterwards I primed and painted the frame with rustoleum primer and paint. It looks geat. I will post pics.





Nicely done. You went all out taking the whole thing apart and repainting the frame. Looks good.

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