Help with swingarm!!!! Elongated swingarm bolt holes!!

Hey guys I just bought a 2003 xr 70r for 100 bucks!! :cheers:But, the reason is that the rear spokes are busted on the rim and the swingarm has a lot of play in it. I took it off and it looks like the frame/swingarm bolt hole has been elongated. I need help figuring out what to do. Is there supposed to be a rubber gromit between the frame and the bolt? or just metal to metal? Can I cut the metal off and drill it out, then weld new ones in? also how had is it to respoke the wheel? They removed most of the spokes before I got it, but there is enough left where I can tell what the pattern is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks :ride:

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no answers huh?

Plan A :

Start off by replacing the swingarm bushings

Then your frame may need re-welded and the pivot bolt holes re-drilled.

Plan B:

Drill out the Swingarm pivot bolt holes to the next size

Get a larger bolt

Custom size the swingarm pivot bushings

Thanks buddy. Where would I order the custom bushings.

Do you think I can weld in solid metal over both holes, then drill them out for the right size? Here are some pics.







Ok... I fixed it. The tabs stick out exactly 5/8" from the frame on both sides. I got steel locking nuts, and drilled them out to the perfect size. So I measured the thickness of the nut and marked the tabs, cut them off, and grinded them down. Then I put a similar, but shorter bolt through, the nuts and tightened it down with the beveled ends towards the frame so it would line up perfectly. With everything lined up I welded the nuts into place, a the way around and it looks and works great! Afterwards I primed and painted the frame with rustoleum primer and paint. It looks geat. I will post pics.





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