2000 ktm 200 broke new reed valves? how or why

i have a 2000 ktm 200, it broke 1 of the 8 reed petels recently. i bought new replacment v force 2 reeds. once installed the bike wouldn't rev out, i rode it for about 4 miles in the woods then it quit. it broke the 4 inner petels. what could cause this to happen?

carbon fibre is such tuff material,didnt think it could just break? sorry bout that. did the petals get sucked into the barrel?

I've scene it happen before on almost new reeds. I would give whoever you bought them a call and see if they can help you out on getting another set.

what causes it? is it a flaw in manufacture?

I would say a flaw. How many hours did you have on the reeds?

if the bike didnt run right from the moment you installed the replacements, i would guess the error occured with whoever installed them into the cage. nothing personal against you but thats my observation. i never messed with the v2 but isnt there a wedge thing in the middle ?

on assembly i put it together the same way i took them apart. i thought assembly was straight forward. i just replaced the reeds on my yz 250 and it had the same vforce 2 cage. and came apart and went together the same. how about bad rings or something like that.

never seen 4 petals break for no reason. piston would have nothing to do with it. send them back to moto tassinari, im sure they will take care of you if the problem was on their end. make sure it wasnt your fault, other wise youll look like a fool :cheers:

are the stops still on the block? If not then they may be over flexing and cracked. If dtill on there then it would have to be a bad batch is my opinion.

I would guess that the stops are not installed

i thought he said the inner reeds broke. reeds stops are on the outside i think. a pic would help clarify a few things

reed stops prevent the reeds from opening too much and beaking, they are on the inside


you are right he did say the inners...maybe screws too tight and cracked the reeds, bad batch of reeds??

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