Going over my 06 RM250 before the season starts and have some questions

When I pulled my clutch lever last season the bike still wanted to move a little bit. I've tried adjusting the cable and it doesn't seem to help so I pulled the clutch apart.

The steel plates look good and I'll measure the other plates and springs tommorow.

I'm not sure if I need to replace my basket or not. The part where the tabs slide is wavy.

If My plates are good to use, do I put them together in the same order or move them around?

I took my linkage apart and it is greaseless. The spacers and bushings suprising look to be in good shape. Should I replace them or can I clean them and regrease?

What's the best way to clean them? They are pretty rusty looking from sitting all winter. I pulled one bushing out and the little needle bearings feel out everywhere. What's the best way to get them back in?

How should I clean and grease the swing arm bearing?

Any other pre season maintenance I could do? I did the steering stem bearing in the fall. I have two seasons of weekend riding on the piston and rings. Maybe 20 days at the track. The rest just derby type riding. I have another set of rings and gaskets I was planning on just re ringing it.

Reuse the needle bearings.

Clean them with diesel or kerosene....as in soak the parts ...it will "cut " the old grease off. The needles don't have to be shiney or rust free. Just clean.

Get a can of grease .....and lube up the big linkage bolts .

You have to use your fingers to put in the needle bearings......just grease the inside race and stack them back in....use an ice pick or something to help line them up.....also try and keep each set of needle bearings separate to keep reassembling easier.

But if you can't .....I believe all the linkage bearing go in as "single" while the swingarm needle bearings are "double"...so they have different lengths.

If you are having corrosion issues.....check your steering bearings.....and put neverseize on your chain adjuster bolts too.

I also pull the engine mount bolts and clean them up ( one at a time ) and lube them , and re-torque them ......to prevent corrosion seizures .

Re-ringing is what I did.....my 05 has like 20-30 hours on the stock piston...with about 10 of it with the 2nd set of rings.......no issues.

With the swing arm .....just use a shallow pan with diesel....and stand the swing arm into it for a while to get it clean.

Of course , if something looks bad .....by all means replace it...............I also went through a 125 a few months back.....that was bad.....and didn't replace any bearings, and they were dry.

Clutch......start saving your $$$..It will need to be changed eventually......the order of the friction plates or steel plates....doesn't have to be the same......just steel/fiber...etc. When it starts slipping , you'll know it is time to replace.

Good luck on the re-build !!!!

K...I measured the plates and springs and everything is well within spec. I might just try a new clutch cable and perch and see if that helps. The Basket edge is just a bit wavy. Not really bad. I seen some on the net with actual notches in the edge. Could it still be the basket causing my issues?

After doing more research I'm going to file them down a little and order a new basket to have on standby. When I replace the basket can I use the old plates and springs if they are still in spec? When I re install the old clutch plates should they be in the same order as before or intentionally do it different.

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