Small town prom....

This is a vid of my sister-in-law at her senior prom in small town nebraska back in 2001...thought I would share it with you ladies...And since it is that time of the year....what was your Sr. Prom like back in the day? And btw that is my husband, thejunkman, driving his CJ5 jeep.

What was the point of the semi?

Haha, you just don't get it...

I dont. Please explain haha

The idea is to drive the most outragous vehicle to and from the dinner to the dance. Some have driven tractors, golf carts and horse and buggy in the past.

Not to mention at my high school, combines, triple tire tractors, old school buses, teragators, 4 wheelers, flat bed trailer with straw bales, pulled by a big dually pickup

Gotchya. Sounds fun. The coolest thing that happened at my old high school recently was a great senior prank. At night some seniors brought 3 pigs in the school and labeled them 1 2 and 4 lol. Never could find pig number 3...

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