Everything is good but still no start

Hey all,ive had this problem since i dumped my bike in a small pond last summer.After it happened i got the bike running(although it sounded kinda throaty) and got back home,tried to start it the next day and no dice.So i winterized it and now that summer is coming im wondering if i should pony up the cash and take it to a dealer.

Ive checked spark,its fine,gas if fine,no water anywhere cause i sprayed the inside of the gas tank and crank case with a water displacer.Compression seems fine so im thinking its my carb but ive literally taken it apart 3 times.Any help is appreciated

Did you dump out the pipe? You can cheat the carb by using a weed burner in the carb....unlit of course. Check all the electrical connections and pull the cover on the ignition and be sure it is clean and dry. Fuel, spark, timing,compression....gotta run.

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