chain and sprockets

Allright, i got my boy a new 110L in september. he rides the crap out of it and the chain is streched way out. Now the chain comes off reagularly. It is adjusted correctly. It seems like the stock one should have lasted longer so i want to buy something better. The places I usualy get parts don't list anythin but the stock stuff for the L for sprockets. The chain is easy to find, it would nice to know how many links as the bike is not with me right now. my question is what are you guys running and where did you get it? I don't need high dollar racing stuff he is an 80 pound 8 year old doing trail riding. Thank you for any input.

stay with steel sprockets. You can drop the front sprocket 1T for more punch on the bike. really needed with the 4sp tranny drum installed.

chain, I have been running a renthal gold unit R1. inexpensive and has good service life.

the stock steel sprockets?

Yeah, most of the aftermarket sprockets you find are aluminum or some other lightweight material. Light = wears out faster.

They are primarily designed that way for racing since it is unsprung weight that you get the most return on. Any way that you can lighten something on the wheels/hubs helps with turning up faster. Thats why pros run light wheels and all like that.

However, they are not concerned with it lasting a long time since they have sponsors that give them new parts just for using them.

The steel sprockets will last youlonger and keep more $ in your pocket, thats why jjrace suggested keeping them on there.

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