Clutch for 09 450 need help

Need new clutch set up for my 09 crf 450. Should I get the Hinson six spring or the Hinson single spring set up. Which will be better for clutch fade and longevity of clutches. Any help would be great.

I can gt the Hinson setup cheaper I have a sponsorship with them. Just trying to get some opinions from ppl who have used or heard anything about them. Hinson said they sell more of the Six spring set up but mainly cuz people don't know anything about the other setup

I just ordered the 6 spring conversion for my 2011 today. I thought about getting the SS, but couldn't find much info out there for them. Cost wise, I don't think there is that much difference. I paid right at $600 for everything but the basket.

I ordered the Hinson Single Spring set up for my 09 since I've heard a lot of good feed back from a couple of my friends who are running them right now on their 10 and 11 450's. Hope to have mine here this week...:cheers::thumbsup:

were do you guys buy your hinsons from? i was going to try a framebreaker kit but i dont want to waste money and just do it right first time

First ride today with the 6 spring Hinson. What a difference, it feels like a clutch is supposed to feel now. Best of all, you don't have to pull the lever all the way in to get it to release. Feels like the old Honda clutches did.

I got mine from Sunrise Powersports in Glendale Heights, IL.

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