Choose only 1: Neck brace or Body Armour?

Lets just say you had to choose only 1 to take with you out on a trail ride or on the MX track....

What would you take?

I have neither:bonk:

But im looking at getting either or, but eventually both.

Neck braces bring a lot of controversy, body armor bring none. I'd start with the body armor. :cheers:

I always ride or race with the neck brace....I just feel safer with the neck brace on....

A Neck brace saved me once so i'd defo choose that over body armour.

On a side not when you say body armour do you mean proper armour or just roost gaurds.

I used to wear body armour but found it to clumbersome so just use a roost gaurd now, what i went from to something like what i wear now. body armour.

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