2 stroke vs 4 stroke

If i buy an 02 mostly stock kx250 how will it compare to my friend's 07 crf250? It is also stock with a pipe. How will it compare in climbing hills, speed, wheelies, comfortable ride-> in the dunes.

The Kx will be snappier and you'll probably beat him in a straight drag as long as you have a paddle, if you both are on knobbies in the sand he'll probably beat you. Power application. You'll do all right all around, he won't leave you anywhere in the sand. You'll pull him on the topend. You'll be able to short shot some hill climb that he won't.

in short...the kx will have more power

What about maintenance?

honda is gonna most likely be easier for maintenance. yamahas and hondas are the best bikes for maintenance which is why they are the only bikes i will ride. the kx's are the most powerful but 9 times out of 10 they are gonna be in the garage getting fixed up more then you ride. get the crf. those 2007's are probably in the top 2 bikes in the last 5 years of hondas

2 strokes are cheaper to rebuild and maintain.

it pretty much beats the crf in all areas

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