shortening chain for smaller sprocket

so im going from a 48t to a 40t on my crf450 supermoto and i have to take out a couple links. is the best way to do this with an angle grinder, filing the pins down? and if i do this that means ill need a new chain when i change it back to dirtbike trim right?

I have always used my 4" grinder and carefully ground the pin's head down and used a flat ended small diameter punch and popped the pin out. Just don't go wild with the grinder. You could always add the missing links back in but it would require two master links. I never have used the double master link set-up mostly due to the fact that my chain was due for replacement by the time I decide to switch back.

Just my 2 cents.

I've been told by some folks that two master links isn't a good idea. Are they just being picky?

I always use my chain breaker tool I got at tractor supply for 20$.but before I bought that I just used a punch and didn't even need a grinder

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