cam slop sl100

hello! iv heard these old bikes are notorious for wearing on cam bearings. just tore 1 apart and thats what i saw, most on the gear side. i was goin to mico polish the cam boreout head to fit bronze bushing ? anybody have a little cheaper better way to deal with?

Ebay may be able to provide a better head if you are patient.

ya, i was looking at some. have to bore barrel, new piston, ect. anyway. lower end is good. trying to pencil in cost of macine work to be done versus quality of used/new parts off of eby?

thanks for clueing me in on that, great idea, might be a week or so but ill post back on how it went for me.

Put a bearing on the end of cam, it goes in the backing plate. It's fairly easy if u have access to a lathe. I've done many of them before.

what size bearing, seal? turning the cam bearing?

MpilebuckI sent you a pm.

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