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2010 yzf250 or yzf450 no idea please help

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hi guys im a new member i was just chasing a bit of advice from anyone i am looking to upgrade my bike i currently ride a 07 yzf250 and always have hovever i am very keen to pick up the new 2010 model so i thought ill get the 450 as there not to much more and i red up and saw all the new gear and stuff they have done to the engin so me mind was made up but now im a bit worried will it be to heavy they say its very nimble but im a decant rider but just wonder if the extra weight will throw me and im now a bit worried on the power i have ridden an 07 450f and it was good same as mine but a bit more grunt but the new one is supposed to b preitty quick i only weigh about 75kg so yeah basicly i want the new model but the 250 doesnt come with as much good stuff but dont want to get somthin i cant ride cuzz its to powerfull or to heavy althow all reviews say its easy to ride very nimble easy to lay over im just not sure any help would be greatly appreciated


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