Dr650se 2011

This is my first post about motorscoots, I've been over to the Townsquare to sound off a little but here I am where I'll most likely be for a while. On Tuesday morning I'll be heading over to the local Suzuki dealer to pick out my ride. I've zeroed in on the Suzuki DR650SE and I like what I've read about it and the way it looks and feels. I've sat on the bike but didn't get a chance to test ride it yet. I've looked at all the others in the category and I like the DR the best, the Honda XR650L is my second choice.

I haven't ridden in 10 years for many reasons. One of which was my loss of nerve because of numerous accidents and a few fatalities of those I knew. This move has been about 3 years in the making including test a test ride on a 2007 Ducati Multistrada and a Buell Ulysses XB something or other. I started riding motorcycles in 1969 and stopped in 2000. I've owned dirt bikes from 125 to 400 2 strokes. My first street bike was a '68 Triumph Bonneville 650. My last bike was a Honda 750. For about three years of my life I worked as a Harley Davidson mechanic and I was there when Willy G took back control of HD.

All of that said, I appreciate that I have found a forum to discuss and learn more about the recent bikes. I've had enough of the old titans. I started looking at vintage bikes when I felt my nerve coming back to me and I realized the vintage bikes were great in their day but the old technology is out of date and it's extremely dangerous out there with soccer Moms, cell phones, IPads and ear pods. In order for me to feel confident about the machine I'm riding I need something agile, pretty new or brand new and has good reputation for reliability. I realize that the best equipment is in my head but it has to be supported with good mechanical equipment.

The Ducati Multistrada is a beautiful bike, I love it but it's too much for me right now. Maybe down the road. It's too bad about Buell, I liked the Ulysses. On Tuesday afternoon I'll know if I'll be riding white and blue or red and white, it depends all on the deal the dealer is ready to make and most of all the sound, the bike has to sound good (how shallow is that?:cheers:)

:ride:Congrats on whatever you chose,i had both-96 honda 650L,08dr650se i have now,they are both good bikes.I just resprung the 650 for my weight,much beter,the suz is set up prety soft from the get go.good luck on your quest and keep us posted.:ride::cheers:

You did not mention your intended riding terrain... that would make a big difference in which bike you choose. The XRL would likely be the choice if you plan a lot more dirt riding than street riding. Not that the DR650 can't be set up for the tighter trails and rougher suspension needs.. it can be. But the XRL is not nearly as street friendly as the DR650 with it's shorter wheelbase and taller seat height. You could do something to reduce seat height on the XRL but you are stuck with the short wheelbase for the most part. Just some things to consider in your decision making....

You said you where looking for a bike with "newer" technology have you taken a good look at the DR or XLR? I think the newest technology on ether one is the CDI ignition and the one on the DR is a bit simplistic one and I doubt that the one on the XLR is any more advanced.

Now that being said I think the simple mostly low tech design is the key to both these bikes reliability (and low cost).

The less there is on the bike the less there is to go wrong with it

Welcome to TT. This and DRRiders.com are great for info on the big 650. About the sound; do you like tractors?:ride: Lots of upgrades from procycle and Kientech to make the DR just the way you want. I've had mine for 10 months now, pretty much stock, but the "fun factor" is always on high!:cheers: Get the white and blue, bet you'll love this bike as much as the rest of us.:p


Thanks everyone for your input. I've decided on the Honda. They gave me the best deal for what I am looking for. The bike will be used for tooling around on the local dirt roads and to commute to work when I feel like it. I do not waat to rely on it for transportation back and forth to work, it's 50 mile round trip. All things considered the bikes are pretty equal each with own special qualities so I went for the better deal and they tossed an Arai Vector II in white to sweeten the deal for me. I pick the bike up on Friday with my new helmet.:cheers:

Congrats, Honda's are great. You may soon find it more appealing as gas gets higher to use it for your daily commuter. My commute is 60 miles round trip and about 68 mile when I take the "scenic route". I ride every chance I get.

Well done on the deal. Hope you have as much fun on the Honda as we do on the DR.

Enjoy the red and white!:cheers: In this economy you have to get the most for the lowest cost. Glad they made you a good deal. Have fun on the new Honda, and ride safe.


The technology or the Dr was around way before Dirty Willy took back control of Harley so you dodged a bullit on that one.

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