Run-in Period XR250R

Hi, I have just fitted a new piston and rings to my bike. Does anyone know what the recomended run-in period is for the engine?

I am not sure that I like this approach. I would much rather have some level of break-in period. I know that modern bike can handle it and in some cases it makes the engine more resilliant and powerful. I practiced the theroy with my new CBR600RR back in 2005 and I scrubbed the tyres in and thrashed it senseless:ride: The engine was fine and was a great runner up to 27000 when it was stolen in 2007. I would like to know what the people from this forum have done in the past when completing a top-end rebuild.

I have been using the mototune method for some years, works good for me.

Try the heat cycle method run upto temp then let it cold. Do this upto three times and then go for a gentle ride. then you should be good to go. This is how i do all my motors and o problems yet hope this helps.

this is the method i used for the first time about 2 months ago. i was nervous at first, but it sure worked for me! put it together and ride the piss out of it!:ride:

I will try this, I suppose the worst that can happen is I need another piston which is £80 with rings. Do any of you use car oil, or do you use your normal synthetic motorbike oil?

I am breaking my new piston in this way. Use a non synthetic motor cycle oil or motor oil without "energy conserving" friction modifiers. I am using Shell Rotela for the break in.

I was advised by an engine builder to use any oil for the first heat cycle, then drain and use Torco 20W-50 for break in and there after for best engine life. Since they build road race engines I thought the advice was good for dirt riding.

I was going to use Castrol actevo T4 for the run in period and then Castrol Power One afterwards.

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