D606 vs D739FA

I need a new front tire. I went with a D739AT rear tire last time and even though their website says both of these fronts match it really doesn't give any info. Which one is tougher and any pros and cons? The 606 only comes in 90/90-21 which is not the oem size, any probs with this or advantages? Thanks:ride:

if your looking a a 606 front dont do it.i hated mine .bought a mt 21.w a 606 on the rear best tires for my bike

IMHO, the Pirelli 606 for the front is awful.

Try a Dunlop 952, or MX71, or Pirelli Scorpion 454 or 486

Have a MX51- run higher pressures (18). Works great. Sticks good and has extra girth- (100).

Have yet to try the 71 but I think it may be too hard for these bikes except for Baja.

I May try one on the XR.

I would stay away from the 606 except on a heavy dual sport.

952 or mx 71

I have had/have both on my bike. Right now I have the 71's and love them! I took the bike out for the first ride on them 2 weekends ago. I went out to the north scottsdale area for those in phoenix who know the area; for those who don't know, it is a rocky/ small pebbles, large pebbles, river beds, hard back, a lot of single track, etc.. area.

The tires washed out when I wanted them to and didn't when I needed grip. I could corner the bike on any surface out there and feel comfortable. From a stop to full throttle, there was plenty grip in anything. The sand felt pretty good, not as good as a 952, but still better than most tires I have tried. I rode for about 5 hours, I wasn't keeping track, but I heard close to 80 or so miles and you can tell I have some wear, but everything still looks pretty sharp and ready for my track ride this next weekend!

The 952's a great all around tire for the rear. It lasts long and gets decent grip everywhere you take it. Hard, soft, mud, etc....

Right on guys thanks. After reading this and talking to other people I'm thinking of going with the 745 or the 71. I ride all desert so these seem better suited:ride:

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