Ok Utah guys... let's get a ride going next weekend!

Let's make it happen! :D I'm up for friday, saturday, and sunday!! Who's with me?

Chris :)

I have to go to Southern Utah this weekend, sorry.

Still thinking about Labor Day!

Chris - I'm out... Family vacation this week through the weekend. I'll be back next weekend and plan to ride Hobble Creek on Saturday the 23rd. I located our wrong turn during the last ride and should be able to get us deeper into the forrested areas on the next ride. We'll be starting up Packard Trail to get in closer and then follow up through the 2nd water area. Should be very cool :) I'll post the invite next week Monday.

- Eric

Get it learned so you can tour guide us on Labor Day weekend. :)

Do you have a GPS you can track it with?

Damn. This trend needs to end!!! :) I'm probably going out of town on the 22-24 and 29-31, so I can't make it on those weekends. I hate when that happens!!!

Hey Eric- I don't suppose we might schedule another hobble creek ride for sept. 6, eh?

Mmkay.... Let's get something going for this weekend, shall we? bigok.gif

Good idea, I'll fire-up the GPS and track the trail system. I may even be able to overlay it onto a topo-map. I'm definately in for Labor Day weekend.

If I can get the stink :D out of my helmet I should be good for at least one of these rides. I typically avoid holiday weekends...too crowded/unsafe for my tastes but we'll see. My ankle seems to be healing up ok, turns out I actually broke it on that endo. Actually, it was just a fracture but I thought the term "broke" sounded more manly. :D If anyone knows of a used pair of riding boots in size 10 for a steal let me know, I'm in the market. :)


Doug- sorry to hear about your ankle. We won't run into many riders over labor day weekend. Seems Hobble Creek doesn't get much traffic... After 3 Saturday rides, I've only seen 2 four wheelers, 3 horses, 3 dirt-bikes, and 2 HUGE BULLS (rode away very quickly :)). Don't know why the area is beautiful.

Sounds good guys :) Let's keep up the positive vibes. I am still in :D

Pedman and Ograbelle are in?? SWEET...I'll be coming down and I'm bringing my bro-in-law with me again. We're heading back to Boise on Monday afternoon but thought a nice, early morning AF ride that Monday morning would be great.

Well, I'm planning on Labor Day weekend too. We're not too worried about the place being crowded, it's relatively unknown.

The ankle here has returned to it's normal color, but the pain and swelling are still there. Spoke with a freind in the medical field and he says most likely a stress fracture and they don't even cast those. Was advised to take it easy for the next three weeks to ready myself for more Hobble Creek!

MrMoto...you've going on all these cool rides and you don't take a gps to map things out?! DUDE! GPS is the ONLY way to go when you want to map out a ride for a huge group. Strap that baby to the bars and go for it!


The sage riders are going on a ride on labor day weekend, but from what I heard about that in the last meeting, hobble creek sounds better. Count me in!

Dave- I think I would be up for an early monday ride in af canyon if that goes through.

SO WHAT ABOUT THIS WEEKEND??????????????????????????????????

I wanna ride!! :)


Sounds like you had a similar situation as me regarding ankles. Glad it's healing up ok.


Thanks Doug!

Yeah, it's mostly likely a stress frature but there's not much the docs can do about it other than have me take it easy...

Up/down movement is OK...it's that twisting side to side and downward pressure that really hurts. But, I can still shift the bike OK!! :)

I promised myself No riding for thrre weeks so that I'd be up to the Hobble Creek ride again. That place is just great! It's definately worth the 35 minute drive from Bluffdale.


Awwww shucks. Am I SOL for this weekend? Come on...... someone.... pleeeeezze?!?!?!? :)

Three of us are coming up to Moab next weekend (Aug 22-24) - where do you guys recommend we ride? We're considering slickrock and Kokopelli trail (sp?). :)

Will bring WR426, WR450, XR600R. :D

Poison Spider Mesa is a great one. There's also the Gold Bar Rim trail.

OK, we'll give it whirl!! Thanks.


Cane Creek out and back or come back via Pritchett Canyon if you've got some pretty good tech skills.

We also enjoyed Flat Pass (Steel Bender).

Moab is great! Enjoy.

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