Inside an '06 WR450 Exhaust Can

Hey guys, I was fiddling with my bike ('06 WR450) yesterday and when I removed the endcap & spark arrestor on the stock silencer, I looked inside and noticed that it's completely open thru & thru. But it looks like there used to be some kind of baffles in there, as some of the remaining metal looks kind of hacked up. I bought the bike used, so have no idea if the previous owner modded it or not, so I was wondering if any of you guys know what the inside of the stock can is supposed to look like? Thanks guys!!! Maniac

Ahh.... never mind! I did a search before posting this and didn't find anything. Then I posted this and did a search on "baffles" and found everything I needed! I guess the previous owner was a ThumperTalk member!!! Maniac

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