Which Oil?

I am just in the process of an engine rebuild for my 2004 XR250R and I would like to know which oils are recommended for this bike.

I currently use putoline Syntec 4 (full synth)

Just stick with motorcycle oil designed for engines with a wet clutch. You do not want any energy conserving additives like "molly" in it. The clutch will slip if you use that stuff. Fine for top the end but bad for your clutch.

I have been told by a few people to use a non synthetic for break in. The synthetics don't allow the rings to use the cross hatching on the cylinder wall that make the rings seat. I am using some Shell Rotela for my break in and will change it often. I will change back to Amsoil after 1000 miles or so.

I have found Castrol Actevo T4, this is a mineral m/c oil that seems to tick all of the boxes. I will use the Actevo for the run-in peroid and then Power One afterwards.

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