flat tire defender

It's always great to see new ideas and products come out that help prevent the hassle and unwanted drama of getting a flat. Having looked at the website and the installation instructions for the product I hope these guys can make a go of it. And, hopefully as time passes, continue to refine the product to be more user friendly and cost effective. But as it stands right now, the installation looks to be more work than I'm willing to do to get a tire mounted. Plus they state that you should break down the tire and check the inserts every 2 to 3 rides. To add that to the time already spent on normal maintenance will probably be too much for most to want to hassle with. And then to add in the additional cost of almost $100.00 per wheel, I think that unless you're blessed with fat pockets/or bank account, that it becomes cost prohibitive for most riders. Although they don't say how long these foam inserts last, I suspect that it's a relatively short amount of time. Like many things, for the right person, and for the right circumstances, these may be a real good idea. But for the average offroad rider I think that there's still a lot of room for additional product development to be done. If anyone has had the opportunity to have had first hand experience with this product it would be nice to hear their opinion. Thanks for bringing this new product to our attention.

i cant believe no responces from anyone who has tried them. :cheers:

I have not used them, but I ride with one of their test riders and he likes them quite abit. These a probably better suited for a racer than a trail rider though.

Tire needs dismounted and inserts re-lubed every 2-3 rides. In durability testing have lasted as long as 30 hrs.

Maybe for a serious racer.

I'll stick with tubes and a patch kit.

These seem pretty similar to the bib mousse inserts that have been around for a while.

so its a bib mousse with none of the added benefits?

i guess you can add or remove inserts to adjust the feel

Maybe for a quad where your sidewalls are more vulnerable. I can't remember the last flat I had on a bike that didn't come from me pinching the tube with a tire iron.

flat tires are very common up here in new england and a foam type tube is needed for hare scramble type racing.

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