Just bought '98 620 RXC... what now?

Yesterday I bought a 1998 620 RXC, 2400 miles.

The owner had the shop install an oversized gas tank, other than that it is pretty much stock. The battery is dead but he says all it needs is to be charged, so I had ot kick start it all day yesterday. The only thing not working seems to be the speedometer. The cable seemed connected at both ends, but I didn't get a chance to give it more than a visual inspection. Is this a common thing to break? I have the feeling they disconnected something at the shop while installing the new fuel tank.

My other question is where can I find replacement parts for this bike?

Looking at various sites like Cyclehutt and others I can't seem to find htis bike listed as a 620. All LC4 motors seem to be 640cc... are they just not listing parts for the 620? Is this bike considered the 'Adventure' model or Enduro? Whats the difference?

lc4 640 is 625cc,look under 97 620 for parts.all ktm dealers can get the parts you need.make sure when you change oil you follow the correct procedures.you have bought a great bike.uncork it and you will have a blast.RR

Thanks for the info. I found out the hard way yesterday you don't let this bike idle while resting on the kickstand.

After it decided to take a dirt nap, I need a new clutch lever. Are these universal fit for KTM or will I need to find a model/year specific one?

im sure theres an after market company that makes levers.look into some hand gaurds to prevent future napping incedents.

I went ahead and ordered a Moose clutch lever...

The bike had Acerbis handguards but are made entirely of plastic. The left one shattered into pieces as it hit the ground. I found a replacement one of these also, but I noticed the ones with metal bands on the inside to prevent them from breaking...

Do I really want these? I would much rather have a clutch lever bend than having bent bars. Right?

metal handguards are by far a better choice,but i have the ktm plastic guards on my 01 lc4 640e,but i don't use it for hard core off roading.I have metal acerbis guards on my 250 exc and have saved my fingers many times without bending my bars.How much are your fingers worth? Buy the metal ones, it's worth the cost on the first good crash.RR

bikebandit is where i go for parts

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