Got my 2009!!

So I drove down to So Cal to get the 2009 KX250F from Sara Price. The motor was just being put back into it by the mechanic after Pro Circuit rebuilt it. The nice thing is the Pro Circuit motors don't have the black covers on the top or sides so they won't get all beat up and look old right away. The bike sounds totally different than my 06 but maybe that is just because it is a full PC motor. It sounded like a 450. I can't wait to ride it. I don't know why but it seems longer than my 06 also but I don't believe it is.

They told me lots of iundustry stories (some I can't repeat) and I found it interesting that they said that the 09 was a better bike than a 2010. They said Kawasaki was trying to save some money on the 2010 design and did not put things into it that the 2009 had.

By the way, Sara and her mechanic (Hoodie) have another 2009 race bike for sale if anyone is interested. Just let me know and I can give you a number to contact. I saw it being put together.

pics? ohh and how much you pay?

pics? ohh and how much you pay?


Right now it still has the beat up national graphics and plastics on the bike but my Pro Circuit graphics and number plates are being sent to my house this week. I do need to get different plastics though because I need the black plastics and the green number plate so I will show you when it is done. I might post a few of the bike as it is now. I just want to get out and ride it.

You seem to find the cool ones!

The first thing I noticed on my 09 was the sound the first time I started it. Almost 450-like.

first dk! first!

Sounds like an awesome bike....What suspension is on the bike? Is it the stock stuff or some reworked stuff?

my 09 is nice,but my 2010 is better the little changes made a difference. i think they are telling stories. what susp did they give you with the bike and did they leave the triple clamps on too?

Well that is what the rider and the mechanic who use to work for Kawasaki told me. Not saying the 2010 is a bad bike. I would take one in a second.

Yeah the tripple clamps are PC and the suspension is PC but not works.

you do get alot of goodies on those bike and also a hinson clutch. awile back we got david pingres bike, lary ward, damon huffman and a few others they were great bikes with no time on them some came with a lot of ti bolts and axels there big money.

TI axels are BIG money. I saw a set for sale once used ovbiously but still they wanted like 800 bucks for them.

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