Oil leak- advice needed

Hi all. Really hoping someone has experience w/ this or some insight....

Went riding all day on Saturday and about two thirds through the day I noticed a couple of drops of oil on the ground...coming from below the skid plate. Oil level at dipstick fine (kept checking as the afternoon went on.) So yesterday I took off the skid plate and sprocket cover, cleaned everything very thoroughly, and then took it out for several miles.

It appears that the oil is seeping out of the seam at the very bottom of the two case halves- the seam by the lower drain bolt. The bike has 8600 miles on it- so this is very upsetting as I just did all the fixes, new chain/sprockets, jetting, etc., etc. Just sank 700 into the bike b/c I figured we'd be in togther for the long haul and I wanted peace of mind. It's an '05 S.

So I know (and understand why) most will say "be sure it's not one of the drain plugs seeping." It's not. Again, I cleaned it all very well and it seems very clear that it's coming from that seam.

I know the proper fix is to remove the engine and split the cases...to be honest I am not competent enough beyond carbs, brakes, exhaust, etc. to do that.

Any advice? My guess is that there really isn't a product to seal this up...JB Weld or some kind of gasket goop, I'd guess, is so unlikely to work there's no sense in trying. I guess I could watch and wait, and perhaps it'll self seal from whatever internal gunk migrates to the exit point (which I know is a long shot and so less than ideal.)

Please let me know if anyone has had experience w/ this kind of thing. Thanks!!


Are you sure it's leaking from where yous ee the oil drip? or is that just the place it ends up, having flowed from another location? Dry spray on foot powder can help trace the oil leak if unsure.

If it is leaking at the plug,, remove, inspect to ensure the case is not cracked at the drain hole, it's not uncommon to crack the case when reusing the sealing washer and over tightening the plug.


Replace sealing washer, hand tighten the plug check for leaks. .

Got a picture?

Huge thanks man. Yes, I am very well aware of the issue of cracking at the drain plug, so I was looking at that very keenly. I am absolutely certain that it is not leaking there (again, I cleaned it thoroughly- the entire underside and up the edges of the engine, and then ran it and looked again.) I also did not have oil "leading to" the seam at the very bottom...just in that seam and along it...which is why I think it's the seam.

I'm going to ride it again for a short time after work today. I'll again clean it very thoroughly, look again, and see if I can get pics. At this point I am feeling quite certain it's the seam.


Post up the pics when you get them.

Post up the pics when you get them.

I'll certainly try. Not sure there's anything to see...the oil is so new/fresh it's hard enough to see in person, and it's more of a seepage/slow drip thing. The thing that concerns me is that it certainly appears to be precisely where I have described it to be, with no "trails" leading to that point. I will take a closer look after work. Huge thanks guys.

It's not common to see a leak at the case split, unless damaged. Has this case been apart previously?

It's not common to see a leak at the case split, unless damaged. Has this case been apart previously?

It hasn't...so it's actually good to hear that a leak at this spot is uncommon.

I will be sure to give it an extra good cleaning after work today (all along the bottom and up around the edges and upward) and look at it again. Again, I do not see trails leading to that lower point, but have not tried the powder trick either. I'll look at it very closely this evening and let you guys know.

I hope it's something stupid/minor that I am missing, but I really looked carefully yesterday. I really like the DRZ, so I sank some $ into it to go through at least one more season with it. I know at 8500 miles it should have lots of life left, so if I do change bikes it's not the DRZ's fault...great bikes.

Can't tell you how much I appreciate the support and advice of the TT community!

OK, so as you guys know it's likely you're right (about the oil migrating downwards.) :cheers:

After thrashing around on it last night I took a good look and it does seem as though the oil is migrating down off the left (shifter) side of the engine, but I can't for the life of me tell where it's coming from! Here's the thing...it seems to be coming from this deep nook just rearward of the left side engine cover, up high in that area, alongside and behind the cigar shaped "tube" that the "clutch actuating rod" goes in (forgive my lack of terminology...I'm refrring to the rod that turns when the clutch cable pulls it's lever down there.)

My guess is that the left cover does go back that far, but the seam where it may be leaking would be where that case cover meets the engince, but that area is impossible to see because of the starter and because of the "clutch actuator tube."

The shop did have that case side off a few weeks ago. I might follow up w/ them (but a bummer, as they're an hour away.) I'm not excited about pulling stuff apart w/out knowing more.

Anyway, you guys were due an update. I appreciate the advice/guidance!

counter shaft seal.

Three common locations on that side for a leak. The side cover gasket it self, the counter shaft seal and some have had the clutch pivot shaft seal leak. My bet would be oil slung from a leaking counter shaft seal

Thanks again guys.

It can't be the countershaft seal....prior to two weeks ago I had it loctited and then, as of two weeks ago, I replaced the sprockets and loctitied again...and it is also dry all around that area.

That side cover was off at that same time (to do the primary nut fix) so it could be that the gasket (new) is leaking but I can't see that section as it's buried under the starter.

From what I am hearing it is starting to sound like the clutch pivot shaft, though no oil coming from "up and out of" that either...so maybe it is back to the side cover gasket after all. Either way I'll just have to get in there to see or take it to the shop.

Thanks again folks..you guys are great.

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