Hi, I was just wondering what maintenence should be done on my bike to keep it running good. So far I change its engine oil every 6-7 hrs and oil filter every other oil change, clean the air filter every or every other ride and adjust the chain tension when needed. Is this all that has to be done to a bike to keep it in peak condition or are there any other things i've missed out?:cheers::ride: Thanks all.

Check Valves.. And adjust them if needed..always have the bike clean..Grease all bearings ,keep track of cabels clutch,Thortle etc and make sure they are not worn out..Clean the carb every 40 hours or so ..

Clean inside the fork dust boot to prolong seals, make sure you keep your spokes up to torque, keep an eye on your bearings, repack exhaust, I flush my radiators every few months or so, I just try to keep everything brand new looking and replace parts as they wear.

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