Strange squealing noise

When i shut my bike off (yz125) the other day I heard a weird squeal. It was in gear, clutch pulled in and stopped. I cranked the bike and it sounds normal in neutral. I noticed it when riding but thought it was just my front brake. Ideas? It's loud. NOT normal.

does not make the noise while running in gear with the clutch pulled in.

A bearing maybe... Ive bent my CS sprocket cover before that would squeal but only when I was almost stopped from the chain rubbing it.

Also had a buddy that had an impellor bearing go bad and the only time it could be heard was when the bike was shut off because it couldnt be heard over the engine noise. That was a grinding noise though, not a squeal

Well, it just so happens that there is a tiny bit of trans oil that has leaked from the weap hole on the impeller. Like 1 drop...

This is weird. I was abusing the clutch pretty hard and I've heard the clutch make noise when it gets really hot but this acted differently.

Might just be the impellor bearing. hmmm.

Thats where Id start... cheap and easy and doesnt require any significant $$$ to do. If thats not the prob. nothing lost but a few bucks.

Thats an odd noise to be comming from the clutch. The clutch seems to make a distinct noise when its hot.

it seems I've been riding the bike for a while rather low on trans oil too. that bearing probably took some abuse. not sure where the oil went though.

Not offense but thats why it needs to be changed regularly! I change mine every 2 rides which is probably over kill but I dont wanna take any additional chances on my race bikes

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