Advice Needed, keep it REAL please lol!

i have an 06 S with gs500 hooligan mod. i ride mostly street but take trips to the woods a few times a year also. i bought a cvk40 carb and ordered the klx needle and other parts to complete the swap (92 bucks invested in the carb so far). the bike came with an E yosh boogar welded to the stock S header (looks retarded!). My question: would i benefit ANY on stock cams and displacement by going with a new full system or should i save some money and buy an E header?

and please spare me the mrd/ssw/fcr39 or your wasting your time stuff, the bike is a toy and a cheap one at that...

It sound's to me like a good, better, best situation. Stock S header is good, E header is better, most aftermarket-larger diameter pipes are best, IMO.

...the bike is a toy and a cheap one at that...


Enough said then.

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