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The US Forest Service Trail Fundamentals

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The US Forest Service Trail Fundamentals reference materials and training documents are now available via the internet.

Trail Fundamentals include five key concepts that are cornerstones of Forest Service trail management: Trail Type, Trail Class, Managed Use, Designed Use, and Trail Design Parameters. Trail Fundamentals are identified for individual trails and documented as part of Trail Management Objectives (TMOs).

Trail Fundamentals are used extensively by the Forest Service. They are also used by and/or have been adapted by other agencies and national trail partners. Until recently, these reference have only been available via internal Forest Service websites. They are now posted in the internet for general reference and use.

Listed below are three ways to get to the US Forest Service Trail Fundamentals webpage:

Direct Link: US Forest Service Trail Fundamentals

Web Address: http://www.fs.fed.us/recreation/programs/trail-management/trail-fundamentals/

Navigation Route: Search for and/or navigate to the US Forest Service homepage (www.fs.fed.us) Scroll down the left column and click on National Offices and Programs. In the center screen, scroll down to National Forest System and click on Recreation, Heritage & Wilderness Resources. Click on Trail Management. Click on Trail Fundamentals.

Trail partners and other agencies using these reference materials are encouraged, if applicable, to provide a link from their webpage directly to the US Forest Service Trail Fundamentals webpage to ensure continued access to the most current version of this information (which is updated periodically).

Forest Service personnel should generally continue to access these materials via the agency's internal RHR Integrated Business Systems website, where additional management information is also posted.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jaime Schmidt

USFS National Trail Information Coordinator

e-mail: jtschmidt@fs.fed.us

phone: 907.743.9443

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