08 KX100. Pick up this week.

Picking up 08 KX100 for my kid this week.

1. Any major issues with this bike I need to know about?

2. I would like to change is clutch perch. Can you recommend any in-expensive on the fly clutch perch?

3. Also the plastic is just ugly, the shape etc., any recommendations as well?

We will probably only keep this bike for this summer then move up to full size bike.

Thanks tony.

1. no just maintain it

2. moose, msr, motion pto all make a perch lever combo for like $25 that will fit almost any 2 stroke

3. not much you can do about that. youve got the latest gen, best looking 100 in my opinion, you should see what the old ones looked like.

Get the UFO "big bike style" fenders, they are a newer type style front and rear fender that really help the looks of the bike:thumbsup:.

The stock plating on the oem cylinder sucks:thumbsdn: but since yer only keeping it for 1 season, as long as there is not too much wear previously? you should be o.k.

Congrats & good luck:thumbsup:

ok thanks,...

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