CR80 Expert + 150lb rider, spring rate questions

I have a 1997 CR80 Expert/RB and want to get your opinions on the spring rates before I purchase them. 150lb rider with gear, mostly ride MX.

Shock stock spring rate: 5.2

Fork stock spring rate: .30

Calculated spring rates for my weight:

Shock: 5.6

Fork: .34

That doesn't seem like much difference over stock, but I'm no suspension expert. I'm having a hard time finding reliable info for my weight. I remember in another thread someone said a 125lb rider had a 6.2 shock spring rate and that seemed WAY too I decided I'd just ask here to confirm my rates or if I should go stiffer?

Also where can I buy aftermarket springs for the 1997 CR80? Race Tech's site won't allow allow springs to be selected and put into the shopping cart for the CR. MX-Tech's site doesn't show anything for the CR. Is there somewhere else?

Judging by the zero replies nobody knows where to get springs or if the rates are in the right ballpark? I've called places that supposedly sell springs for the CR80 and nobody would pick up, I guess it was during busy hours or something. I'm getting miffed not finding any answers.

this is what i have for the 2000 model(maybe the same?)

55-60 Kg 3.2 forks and 50 / 52.5 shock

so that doesnt help much really, but your forks are too soft for certain and your shock appears to be correct but your sag numbers would tell us for certain, have you got your sag numbers?

harris performance is in Texas but i guess its a very big place?

the springs appear to be the same as the newer ones so any decent suspension place like davej or others on this board should be able to supply.

Harris Performance used to be close to where I lived, but I moved away so yeah...its quite a ways now. Need something around Houston.

I finally got through to Race Tech and found out their online ordering is down so thats what it was acting so strange. At least I answered where to order. Thanks for the reply.

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