e-150 Is the engine to small?

I have been looking around for a cheap van and finally found one it is a e 150 12 passanger 94ish model with a inline 6. Will i be wasting my money or will the motor pull it ok? What kind of fuel mileage will i see?

I don't think you would be disssapointed in the van's performance as long as you have no intention of trying to pull any significant weight on a trailer while the van is fully loaded.

My father was a fan of Ford's in-line 6 cylinder and had several of them over the years!

they were always in a Ford half ton pickup, but my brother and I would load dear ol' Dad's pickup with everything we would need for a weekend at the track and the pickup and its in-line 6 never let us down!

I remember many trips to the lake in a 1981 F100 with the in-line 6 pulling my parents 16 foot boat with the pickup bed full of camping gear and again... NO failures!!

That same truck made many succesful trips to Colorado, up Pikes Peak etc!

It's a good engine and as long as its been properly maintained and not too many miles on it, I wouldn't hesitate to buy that van/engine setup for myself!

A very good Moto buddy had that engine in a 1989 E150 and it made MANY runs all around our home state hauling the bikes camping gear etc with NO major problems!

Oh and for what its worth, my Dad is STILL driving the 1992 F100 that he bought new nearly 20 years ago, and it is still on the road as his daily driver!! He leaves his 2004 sitting in the garage and runs all his errands, golf course trips etc in the "old pickup" because the 6 cylinder gets very good fuel mileage, or at least better than his newer Ford V8. Can't give you an EXACT number, but I know its in high teens{17-19 mpg}

Good luck and hope this helps a little bit!

Sincerely, Rick P. in OKC

I just sold an old beater PU I had (1988 F150, 4x4, 300-6, 4 spd) the other day.

In an E-150, they'll do the job just fine, plenty of torque to get it along, they're not a racecar engine, they're more like a farm tractor engine.

My fuel mileage was about 15, but never really went very far with it, it was my farm/winter/hauling nasty stuff/beater truck. The truck itself had over 400k miles on it, the first engine went 320k and would have kept going, but the dipstick tube somehow popped out, allowing all the oil the exit, stage left and then the fat lady sang.

What are they asking, and how many miles on it?

The inline 6 was one of the few motors in the Econoline vans that wasn't a total nightmare to work on. You could damn near sit up under the van and change the plugs without pulling the doghouse off.

My two vans (e150 and e250 extended) have had the 4.9L straight 6. Haven't done much work on them yet.. but they run. Definitely slow but it holds its speed on the highway fine. Gets about 15mpg mixed city/highway. The current van has about 180k miles on it and it's starting to feel a little tired.. :cheers: I'm going to use the van to dunk the boat in sometime in the next couple months.. don't think it will have any problem doing that (20ft cuddy)

They are asking 850 prolly get it for 750. I don't no the mileage as of right now that may be why it is cheap. Thanks for the replys

They are asking 850 prolly get it for 750. I don't no the mileage as of right now that may be why it is cheap. Thanks for the replys

As long as the body isn't rotted away and the brakes work, it runs and drives without making horrid noises, I'd jump on it.

300-6's go a long, long time. And those rigs are easy to work on....and not very expensive to replace the common wear components.

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