Bought new KLX250s but wont start, dealer wants $150

Hello All

March 30 Bought a new KLX250S 2009 in Arkansas from a Kawasaki dealer with 5 miles on it. Rode it around the shop so now it has 9 miles on it.

March 31 Unloaded the bike off the pickup March 31 at another Kawasaki dealer in Missouri.

April 1 Tried to start the bike but I flooded it at Missouri dealership. Service manager took out spark plug and confirmed that I flooded it. He tried to start the bike but couldn’t so he looked in the gas tank and said the gas was dark, that it was bad gas, and that is why the bike won’t start so he wants about $150 to clean out the bad gas, He said warranty won’t cover it because the dealer in Arkansas should have known about the bad gas. I called the Arkansas dealer Saturday April 2 to let him know about the bad gas story. Missouri dealer said he may call the dealer in Arkansas and/or call Kawasaki. My question to the group is what should I do? Should I call Kawasaki immediately before the Missouri dealer starts work on the bike. He said I should not leave the bike there because it may get stolen. All comments welcome.

Thanks, Matt


Maybe the dealer will be doing more than draining the fuel and will in fact be cleaning out the carburetor, but if they only only draining/replacing the gasoline, $150 is highway robbery.

I am not sure of your mechanical abilities or desire to perform some of this stuff, but if it was me, I would just drain the gas and refill it with fresh fuel and then try to start it with a fresh spark plug.

All you need to do is take the fuel line off the carburetor and place the end of the fuel line into a gas container, open up the fuel petcock and drain the tank. You might flush out any sediment in the bottom of the tank with some fresh fuel. You already saw how the dealer pulled out the spark plug to determine if was flooded. Get a new spark plug and replace it (you might not even have to do that since it only has 9 miles and I cant imagine it is fouled). Add clean fuel and see if it will start. Use both the kickstart and electric start separately. I find that the kick start on my WR250F works better than electric start if I am having starting problems or if its flooded.

If you cant get it started after that, then you might move on to having the dealer clean out the carb, check the float to make sure it is not sticking, etc. I can see that work maybe costing up to $150 for a carb disassembly, cleaning and troubleshooting. Not sure what Yamaha would cover under would need to check your warranty documents.

Also...sounds like I would find another local dealer. Seems like they are pissed you didn't buy from them and trying to stick it to you on the gas tank draining. I also don't get the comment about not leaving the bike there as it might be stolen. If they take possession of the bike for repair work, they are responsible for ensuring it isn't stolen while in their possession. Were you talking about leaving it in their parking lot?


also check the KLX125/140/250/300 forum. There are plenty of threads over there about hard starting on the 250, etc. and maybe they can offer some other ideas.

Drain the gas tank and the carb. Not hard to do.

In my humble experence, that bike needs the petcock turned off before you turn the key off. That thing will flood itself.....

The service manager did not want me to leave it in his parking lot during the night of April 1 for fear that it would be stolen but I was so tired from my trip I could not drive the bike tired especially since I haven't driven a motorcycle in a long time. So I left it there overnight and on morning of April 2 the bike wouldn't start. He was correct in regards to this parking lot situation. I took a chance leaving it there. Matt

take the fuel line off the carb and drain all the fuel out, then put the fuel line back on, remove the float bowl drain bolt(bottom of carb) and put a little fuel in the tank and let it run through. replace float bowl drain bolt and fill up with fresh gas.

Yes, you may be correct in suggesting that I find a new dealer and I was thinking exactly that. He did sound pissed even though I was being a humble, servile Flounder Type slob at his feet Matt (Flounder)

Yes, you may be correct in suggesting that I find a new dealer and I was thinking exactly that. He did sound pissed even though I was being a humble, servile Flounder Type slob at his feet.

Matt (Flounder)

Thanks all for your posts, info. and suggestions


Just curious, what dealership ar you using here in MO?

His dealer is so good, that he can look into a black gas tank and see dark gas. How do guys get to be dealers and know sooo little about bikes?

Trucker, everybody was new once. That's cool. But I'll bet 90% of the members here could have that bike running in 5 minutes.

There's a socket head screw at the bottom of the carb. Turn off petcock. Get the proper sized allen wrench on that carb drain screw, it's in a clumsy spot, and lefty loosie. Let about a 1/4 cup of gas run out. Re-snug it. Turn on petcock. Choke, shake bike, hit starter, enjoy. Some KLX owners seem to have more troubles than others getting that thing started.

hope that helped. Ask away, that'w what we're here for.

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