side number plates

I have a 2006 450R and I want to get rid of the white exhaust side number plate and front number plate and make them red to match the left side plate that is on my bike. It was like this when I bought it and the white looks torn up and dirty, and I love the all red look when viewed from the left side.

My question is, who makes the full RED side number plates and where to buy them? I keep seeing the option of white, black, or red but none of them shows a pic of a full red one and most that do have a pic of the supposed red one is just a little red at the top of an almost all white piece.

Acerbis or UFO :cheers::thumbsup:

either of those are full red if they actually say RED?

Yes they're solid red. :cheers:

cycra makes a front stadium red plate

UFO makes an ALL red side plates for the 05-06 bikes. Cycra makes them but only for the 07-08 bikes

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