Is it worth it?

Hi Guys looking for opinions on a 1998 WRF 400 that has been sitting in storage since year 2000. Suppost to be only 10 hours on motor but was wondering what 13 years of antifreeze sitting there will to do the engine cases. Also any major problems to worry about with this model. Looking to use it for around the farm and riding with my boys. Thanks

Why not just inspect it. You can and should change the water pump seal. that's an easy job. When you pull that impeller out, take a look to see if there's any corrosion. Then you should know.

Otherwise, you'll probably have to put in a little time to get it fired up (new jets, needle valve, plug, fresh gas and oil...)

Don't forget the starting fluid.

Once its running, then you'll know what you are working with.

Its a great bike and helped start a revolution. Its got a bit of a tricky starting routine, but its no problem once you learn what that is. You'll get lots of practice finding TDC.

The starting routine isn't anything at all.

I have one. While a bit heavy (to say the least) it's still a damn fun beast to run around the trails. It's very reliable.

One "Most Do" modification on it is to get the powerbomb header. You don't need to do it for power purposes though, you need to do it for easy access to the oil filter. With the OEM header you have to remove it in order to change out the oil filter...

To know if this bike is worth it or not how much is the person asking for the bike.

the bike is a 1998 WRF 400 with 10 hours and he is asking $2800

Sounds too steep to me. You don't know how much it was really run unless you know the guy personally. Letting a machine sit like that is hard on the seals.

I saw an 05 last spring for that price.

the bike is a 1998 WRF 400 with 10 hours and he is asking $2800

Nope... that is waaaay too much. He should be asking for half of that at most.

For less than 2800, you can get an estart wr450

10 hours doesn't impress me, especially when I know that the bikes last forever anyways.

I would buy it at 1200, I would seriously think about it at 1400. Any higher and I'd be looking at other options. Nice bike, but never over pay.

$1200 to $1500 MAX

What they said, that monkey is out of his tree....:cheers:

Mine was 1600, but it runs perfectly, hadn't been sitting, and is plated (adds value).

If that bike was in decent running condition, it would struggle to bring $1,000. In it's current condition, less than half that. It was abandoned and deserted, and it isn't worth the risk. Nice modern '03 and up CRF's and YZ450's can be had for $1500.

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