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1977 DT 100 Project + 1976 DT 250

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My first bike was a 1977 Yamaha DT100. I still have the bike and it still runs, however, it is in pretty bad shape. When I got it from my cousin, it didn't run, but it had all the original equipment such as blinkers/lights/etc. and for some unknown reason, I threw it all away. :cheers: This is what the bike looks like now:


Lately I've been wanting to get it back in some decent shape and make it street legal again. I need to get all the accessories, maybe refresh the engine, and do some general restoration. I've been checking ebay/craigslist/classifieds for parts and the other day I found a parts bike that had everything I needed except for rear blinkers. When I went to pick the bike up, the guy was trying to sell me everything else he had there, so I also picked up what I believe is a 1976 DT250. Total cost for both bikes was $200

Both 100's




The 100 turns over and has decent compression but the 250 is seized. I'll post some pics and updates as I go.

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Since I knew what I wanted to do with the 100's, my dad and I decided to tear down the 250 first to see what condition the engine was in. Got the head off and this is what we saw:



We ended up having to break the piston apart to get the cylinder off, and the crank was mostly seized up as well.


After lots of tri-flow and hammering, we got the crank to turn all the way over, and it spit out something that looks like a freeze-plug from the crankcase. not sure what it is or if it was supposed to be there or not :cheers:

Anyone know what this is or why it was in the crankcase?


Also, if anyone has a mid 70's DT250 engine in running condition, send it my way. :ride:

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