Help on XR70R carb, can't stop fuel overflow

Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, read through a lot of carb related posts, but I'm running out of ideas on why I'm having fuel overflow. I have a 2003 Honda XR70R. Since the float is a non-adjustable I cant adjust that. The needle seat is cast into the carb so that can't be replaced

To this point I have:

cleaned the carb multiple times

replaced the needle

replaced the float and float pin

re-cleaned the carb

checked the fuel screen in the tank

installed a fuel filter

even flipped the bowl direction so the overflow tube is slightly higher up in the carb

attached a separate fuel container to make sure no debris is stopping the float needle from not seating.

I couldn't see any damage or cracks to the inside of the carb, float pin posts, seat area or anything that would let fuel leak.

I'm out of ideas short of trying to find a different carb to try, any help would be greatly appreciated!

It sure sounds like there is something preventing the float valve from sealing off the incoming fuel. There could be something between it and the seat or the float valve is worn. I'm referring to number 11 in the diagram at this link:

I've had the same thing happen and I eventually found the offending material. It wasn't much, but it doesn't take much.

Or else, the float itself is getting hung up and won't float up to shut off fuel.

Is it possible the float was put in upside down? Just a thought. I don't know if it's even possible to do that.

I did end up getting it to stop leaking. I had to really clean the float seat. Talked with someone that was familiar with them and was told the seat can glaze up where you can't see it, but doesn't seal. Polished that out and it quit leaking.

I have the exact same problem with my 1998 XR70. I replaced the float and float valve and it still leaks. How did you clean the float seat?

I took a 0000 steel wool and gently rubbed the needle valve area and cleaned out any remaining debris after I was done.

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