Skydiving helmet for trials?

No motorcycle helmet company makes a full face helmet for trials. I made my own that I am happy with. The face guard is from a cheapo Walmart BMX helmet and positioned closer and lower than usual full face helmets, allowing good visibility combined with the Trivent ventilation.


I saw these skydiving helmets that looks like they would work well. Carbon fiber with pricing comparable to MX carbon fiber helmets.

One model is 1.5lbs and uses d3o

The guy I bought my bike from wore a helmet for cave exploring. I bought a Shiro trials helmet but have since started using a Shoei full face mx helmet. As you get older the ability of the brain to withstand traumatic injuries drops like a rock. I switched for that reason and to stop the cactus from scratching up my face. I like your idea and yours came out really nice.

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